Want to give an ultimate finishing touch to your bathroom? What do you imagine having in your dream bathroom? If you are looking to add value to your home with a simple touch of luxury start with the bathroom by using decorative elements including, luxurious vanities, tiles, fixtures, interior style, and custom frameless shower doors.

Having enclosures of custom shower doors DFW Dallas Fort Worth, you can easily customize your bathroom with the use of less maintenance and space, made with premium quality materials that will work for a long time.

Custom shower doors

Enjoy precision fit, stupendous, and trendy design of shower doors

There is no great pleasure than walking into your bathroom where you relax and get ready. Investing in custom glass shower doors increases the enjoyment of the space for 21st-century modern homes.

The time has come to forget about those boring and old bathroom shower curtains and change them with something special that offers more aesthetic appeal you will adore.

Here are some amazing facts about custom frameless shower doors with a complete guide to help you understand their importance with details for remodeling your bathroom.

What exactly are custom shower doors?

Custom frameless shower doors DFW Dallas Fort Worth are 100% pure glass and come without any frame. Where some traditional framed glass doors come with metal, rubber, and other material that takes up large space making the bathroom seem crowded, small, or even an eyesore.

That is where having custom hinged shower doors comes in handy that creates less cluttering and provides a cleaner look for any bathroom size.

DFW Dallas Fort Worth custom glass shower doors can provide a modern and sleek design for your existing glass shower enclosures. The doors can be swung open or shut, and strong hinges attached to the wall allow a full range of motion that adds a whole new meaning to the space.

Many homeowners installed custom frameless shower doors can bring their bathrooms alive and most importantly lower the maintenance level.

Best types of custom shower doors glass

There are 4 types of best custom shower doors you can choose that will give enclosure and efficiency to your bathroom in so many ways starting with,

  1. Best sliding shower doors
  2. Pivot shower door enclosure
  3. Bypass shower glass doors
  4. Curved custom glass shower doors

Best sliding shower doors

The best sliding glass shower doors are made with a single panel that can pivot out. These doors will not only give you an elegant and stylish look but also proved to be durable having great structure and overall modern appearance.

Pivot shower door enclosure

If you have a big bathroom, consider installing a swinging glass shower door enclosure. It will add immense dimension to the bathroom. The design of a pivot door enclosure will provide any bathroom with a model feels and look. You can also consider rectangular or hexagonal enclosures as both deliver great upgrades under your budget.

Bypass shower glass doors

The bypass glass shower doors are an amazing option for a bathroom that has limited space with corners. They are curved glass shower doors DFW Dallas Fort Worth and come with panels that can fold inside the shower easily and takes up less space overall. They are your perfect choice for any small bathroom which come at affordable prices.

Curved custom glass shower doors

If you are thinking differently and want to create a direct walk-in shower, then curved custom glass shower doors might be a superb choice that can be easily open and give the feeling of a big space. They also have a frame at the top and bottom that makes the installation process a lot easier.

Custom shower doors can lead to increased functionality and versatility

Design and size of shower glass doors

After deciding what type of custom shower doors, you can choose, it’s time to design and size the door. Every style of the door is available in various options and sizes and some of them can be custom made for some large bathrooms.

The standard size of a custom frameless glass shower door begins from 24 inches to 45 inches when inline panels are installed that can add 25 inches more depending on the custom shower door size.

But what about the design of the custom glass shower doors DFW Dallas Fort Worth? If you truly want to upgrade your bathroom that provides the bigger, airier, and brighter then here are some of the great designs you must take a look at and install including,

Fixed Doors
Folding shower doors

Rustic Escape Shower doors
Solo Single Shower Door
Prima and panel shower doors
Neo-angle Shower Doors

What type of hardware you can choose for custom glass shower doors?

The most important step is to choose hardware for custom shower doors. It looks like custom glass shower doors are becoming famous nowadays.

Therefore, every day new design and styles are being introduced that allows you to add your personal touch and style to your bathrooms.

Let’s take a look at the hardware that will give you complete functionality and a touch of beauty simultaneously.

Door pulls
Polished chrome

Brushed nickel
Oil rubbed bronze

Best custom shower door materials

When it comes to custom shower doors the choices are endless. Many options provide to be the best from choosing standard, aluminum framed shower door, and green-tinted glass. Here are some of them you can choose such as,


The glass material comes in two options, one is standard glass that features iron glass, or green tint. This glass has too many finishes like frosting, wave, and bubble, and even has a custom etched pattern as well.


When it comes to the custom shower doors, some doors are mirrors that have hardware like towel rails, or door pulls. They are also made with aluminum and some are even made from acrylic which is very hard to break and easy to care for.


The frame of the custom shower door is frameless and mostly comes in aluminum that is lightweight and can be colored with various finishes with a powered coat. Some also come in a stainless-steel frame that is also less expensive with a modern touch.

What kind of shower door styles you should choose?

There are numerous types of custom glass shower doors and it can be tough to choose what kind of shower door style you need to upgrade your bathrooms. Let’s find out some of the glass door styles you will appreciate eventually,

Instead of choosing a bulky shower glass door, you can go for a contemporary that allows you to see through from the enclosure and create a more open environment. This one has a very minimal metal and makes a fantastic choice as an attractive custom shower style combined with beautiful tiles.
Having modern custom glass shower doors Dallas Fort Worth can provide a crisp, clean and clear style that features all kinds of different patterns on the surface. This pattern is decorative and adds a little bit of visual touch to the bathroom you will surely adore for years to come.
An industrial custom shower door offers visibility between the bathroom and shower that creates a little bit of privacy. You can easily choose dark fixtures or high contrast with a texture embedded on the panel.
Rain style
Rain glass custom shower door is a type of textured glass that looks like swirling water that increases your privacy.
Traditional shower doors are perfectly functional and safe on both sides. They come with a small indentation in glass scatter that can prevent the glass from being seen from both sides.

Custom frameless glass shower doors maintenance

The most effective way to clean and maintain custom frameless shower doors is to prevent mineral build or soap scum upon the door. You can use a squeegee to prevent the spots and keep the shower door in great condition. Aluminum and hinges brackets can also be cleaned using commercial bathroom cleaners. You can also use vinegar and water which are less expensive and easy ways to keep the custom shower door clean and maintained well.

Cost of custom glass shower doors installation

An average installation cost of custom glass shower doors starts from $550 depending on your requirements and the sizes of the door. DFW Dallas Fort Worth also includes improvements and enhancements costs, if you are thinking to renovate the bathroom for the first time.


Your bathroom is an important part of your home and it’s also important to create a bathroom that is both highly functional and aesthetically pleasing. After all you need a place where you can spend so much time for relaxing and comfortability. You deserve a bathroom that is your daily escape from a long day of work. A small upgrade that gives you the best feeling of luxury. Custom shower doors DFW Dallas Fort Worth are a complete luxurious upgrade that you need to invest in to get the best results.

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